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living space. Align the top of each spacer with the chalk line and fasten with a 6d nail. Then drive six 16d nails through the face of the front rim joist into the end of the side rim joist. Squeeze dabs of adhesive onto the top edge of each joist. Remove post base and bore into pier with a hammer drill equipped with a masonry bit. Apply it over the ledger-to-house joint so one leg covers the top of the spacer blocks and ledger and the other leg extends up the wall. Then fit the inner 2xs into the post bases. The film, like all films from Scenarios USA was written by a teen (Whitney Peters) and directed and acted by professionals. Building one begins with determining the sizes of the framing material.

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Fit a side rim joist into a front hanger, and square the corner. The standard version of this plan is designed with a concrete slab on grade. 4, step Four / How to Build a Simple Deck. TIP: If the joist has a crowna slight arc along its edgeinstall it crown-side. (Add more nails only if a board does not lie straight or flat.) Replace the house's siding to within to 1 inch of the decking. Continue gluing and nailing until the deck is complete. Squeeze a bead of polyurethane marine sealant on the top edge of a side rim joist. In each hole insert a -inch lag screw and tighten it against a washer using rencontre gay le mans numero an impact wrench or socket wrench. Pricing options CAD Set2648.50 For use by design professionals. Cut pressure-treated 2x stock for the doubled side rim joists and beams.

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plan gay ultra crade

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